Sa paglubog ng araw

Sa pag sindi mo ng  ilaw

Dala ang liwanag

Sa paligid na walang sinag


Sa pag lubog ng araw

Pagod mo’y tila ligaw

Hindi alam kung sapat na

Ang maghapong pagkalinga


Sa paglubog ng araw

Isip mo’y tila ligaw

May dinadamdam ka

Bawat pikit ng iyong mata


Sa paglubog ng araw

May susunod pa bang araw?

Kung ikaw ay bibitaw na

At mamamaalam na


Sa paglubog ng araw

Pinilit mong matanaw

Mga luha saming mata

Sandali lang hawak pa


Sa paglubog ng araw

Hiling ay huwag bumitaw

Hintayin natin ang bukas

Kasabay ng pagtigil ng oras


Sa paglubog ng araw

Huling sinag ay nataw

Sa tum-tumbang sumasayaw

Sakay nito’y ikaw


“A poem for my Grandmother, Lola I miss you ”


Summer Getaway in POTIPOT ISLAND

March… as always. Summer breeze and sticky wind that brushes my hair. Scorching heat of the sun and some samalamig to freshen up my day. It was the kind of summer i always want to have. Summer is a childhood to me, summer is my childhood memory.IMG_2343.JPG

Together with my friends, i spent my summer days in a beautiful island tagged as “mini boracay” in Zamabales, the POTIPOT island. IMG_1865.JPG

we stayed first in an accommodating classy resort before we get to venture the the island that i am talking about. IMG_1868

4 minutes away from DAWAL beach resort Candelaria,  Zambales….


we arrived in our destination. I was so mesmerized with the beauty and ambiance in POTIPOT island. It deserves to be tagged as “mini boracay” with its bluish water that reflects the sky and white fine sand that reflects  its virgin beauty.


who would have thought that i’ll enjoy my summer getaway this much ❤


Perfect experience with cool friends who can get along with your trips…IMG_2078.JPG

Fun chats under the tree…


Beach Volleyball to show off some team work and skills…


And of course never forget the punishment after the tough volleyball fight!


“Beaching” around with le friends (iykwim) kiddin’ aside i’m too sexy for that 😀



Look around to see a perfect angle for your DP on facebook 😀

AND LASTLY, EAT. EAT. EAT. Oh wait! ain’t got no pictures 😀 may be i was too busy eating 😀


As the sun sets, my summer begins to fade…IMG_2115.JPG


and Fade away…


But the memories we had last summer, will never be forgotten.

IMG_2206.JPG And as we think of those memories , smiles will never fade away.

SUMS UP MY LAST SUMMER! now i have to get up and back to work 😀